The latest small magic weapon for home epidemic prevention!


CF Aircon Mask™️ (air-conditioning mask) adopts Japanese cationic technology, which can effectively inactivate viruses and bacteria in the air! Turn the air conditioner at home into an air purifier, and enjoy the cold wind while continuously purifying the air. Even during the flu season, it can effectively protect vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly at home.

✂️ Ready to use✂️
CF Aircon Mask™️ (air-conditioning mask) can be cut according to the size you want, and then cut it The air-conditioning mask is pasted on the air-conditioning dust-proof net, which can achieve the effect of instant deodorization and air purification.
Cut and use, convenient and easy to use!

Want to know how CF Aircon Mask™️ (air conditioning mask) can protect you and your family?
How about watching the product video produced by our Japanese team now:

CF is committed to scientific research, providing Hong Kong people with comprehensive health protection and fighting against virus invasion.
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