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C-Force Biotech星級客戶 - Central Smile
The Central Smile dental clinic located in the core central area is composed of dozens of professional dental teams. It has provided professional dental, orthodontic and health care services for adults and children for many years. Central Smile takes "a dental clinic that puts families first" as its mission. Since its establishment, it has been taking care of the dental health of every family, especially children.
C-Force Biotech星級客戶 - Central Smile C-Force Biotech星級客戶 - Central Smile
The ongoing epidemic has made the clinic's frontline staff and customers worried. In view of this, Central Smile cooperated with C-Force Biotech and adopted BioNTex™ anti-bacterial material uniforms to comprehensively enhance the protection against epidemics. In addition, the uniforms are made of bamboo fiber, which is a step forward for sustainable development!
C-Force Biotech星級客戶 - Central SmileC-Force Biotech星級客戶 - Central Smile
For more information about uniforms, please visit: www.CFuniform.com

No matter how the epidemic situation changes, C-Force Biotech will walk side by side with you! ⁣

C-Force Biotech is committed to scientific research, providing Hong Kong people with comprehensive health protection and fighting against virus invasion. ⁣

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