Dr. C-Force Biotech: Can pets use sanitizer spray?

C-Force Biotech 小博士話你知 : 寵物能否用消毒噴劑?

Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries about whether C-Force Biotech can be used on pets. Dr. C-Force Biotech is here to answer your questions!

Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC) is a commonly used disinfectant ingredient in hospitals. It is usually recommended by veterinarians because it is milder to pets than alcohol and bleach (sodium hypochlorite), can kill common viruses and bacteria, and is colorless, odorless, and non-irritating to the skin. Also, if the disinfectant sprayed on the object is still wet, it will not cause corrosion or poisoning even if pets lick it. Compared with other disinfectants, it is very safe.

Three Features of C-Force Biotech

  1. Mild ingredients: The US FDA-approved benzalkonium chloride is used instead of alcohol, which can be used safely by children, the elderly and pets⁣
  2. Non-irritating : Suitable for all skin types ⁣
  3. Sustained bactericidal power: Singapore government confirmed that benzalkonium chloride can effectively eliminate coronavirus⁣
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