C-Force Biotech x Hong Kong Association for Poverty Alleviation Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Donation

C-Force Biotech x 香港關愛扶貧協會中秋慈善捐贈
Recently, the epidemic situation has been heating up, entering September and approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hong Kong Caring for the Poverty Alleviation Association organized the "Love Lucky Bag Celebration Mid-Autumn Festival", and quickly delivered 500 Mid-Autumn Lucky Bags to every grassroots elder. For the elderly with limited mobility , Volunteers even come to the door to distribute.
C-Force Biotech x 香港關愛扶貧協會中秋慈善捐贈我們為基層長者提供合共3,500個能有效殺滅新冠病毒的成人口罩及500支無酒精消毒液以支持抗疫及慰問,為老友記打打氣!希望我們略盡綿力能減少疫情對他們的影響
We provide a total of 3,500 adult masks that can effectively kill the new crown virus and 500 alcohol-free sanitizers to the grassroots elderly to support the fight against the epidemic and condolences, and cheer for the old friends! I hope we can do our best to reduce the impact of the epidemic on them affects .
C-Force Biotech x 香港關愛扶貧協會中秋慈善捐贈C-Force Biotech x 香港關愛扶貧協會中秋慈善捐贈
C-Force Biotech wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
No matter how the epidemic changes, C-Force Biotech will walk with you all the way!
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