C-Force Biotech's anti-epidemic wind jacket is a must-have anti-epidemic 99.99% sterilization*

外出抗疫必備C-Force Biotech抗疫風褸殺毒殺菌99.99%*

The epidemic continues. For the sake of the health of yourself and your family, everyone should try to limit their going out. If you have to go out to buy daily necessities, or even test, masks and face shields can be used up and discarded, but the virus will stick to your clothes for 48 hours, even spraying disinfectant alcohol before you go home, it still cannot completely kill all viruses. If you don't want to bring the virus back to the house, the C-Force Biotech anti-epidemic windbreaker with the authoritative certification BioNTex™ technology provides you with more comprehensive protection, specially made super positive coating cloth can kill more than 90% of viruses and bacteria. The windbreaker is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and there are BioNTex™ gloves inside the sleeves, which greatly reduces the chance of being exposed to the virus, so you will feel much more at ease!

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BioNTex destroys the virus structure through physical principles, even if the virus variant can still exert the same effect. Tested by CMA Institute, BioNTex still achieves 99.99% effect after 60 washes.
^The fabric is certified by SGS and can kill more than 90% of viruses within 5 minutes. The formula has passed a number of safety accreditation tests and certifications by Japan's JTETC (general corporate legal person Yawei Evaluation Technology Council / Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council) to be harmless to the human body and skin.
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