New Release C-Force Biotech Apparel

新発売 C-Force Biotech Apparel
It is indeed encouraging that Hong Kong has been able to maintain the number of 0 confirmed cases, but the intention of epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed. Now more than 200 restaurants and service industries have been equipped with C-Force Biotech's anti-virus masks and disinfectants. But we are definitely not satisfied with this and have upgraded the BIOTECH APPAREL uniform to push the epidemic prevention performance to the extreme!

BIOTECH APPAREL Using C-Force Biotech antivirus technology into clothing materials, it can effectively kill >99% of bacteria and viruses, including the new coronavirus. And even after 60 washings in the washing machine, it can still maintain 99.28%* of bacterial and virus killing efficiency.

We hope that this brand-new technology and product can be widely recognized, giving frontline employees the most comprehensive protection from virus invasion and spread, so they can work with peace of mind!

*Tested by The Open University of Hong Kong
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