C-Force Biotech - Innovative technology mask that can kill the coronavirus ⁣(Made in Hong Kong)

C-Force Biotech - 香港製造 創新技術可殺滅新冠病毒口罩⁣

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to ravage the world, and the fourth wave of the epidemic has erupted again. Vaccines are not yet fully approved at this stage, and masks are still the only reliable necessity. ⁣

According to a study by the University of Hong Kong, the average filtration efficiency of traditional spray cloth masks against the new coronavirus is only 75%, which is completely unable to provide safety protection. ⁣

The positive electrode polymer on the C-Force Biotech's latest scientific and technological mask's fiber, through which all bacteria and viruses have a negative electrode, uses the positive and negative electrodes to attract each other and bury it. During the attraction process, the protein structure on the surface of the new coronavirus will be torn, thereby killing >99% of the coronavirus. C-Force Biotech masks do not involve any toxic/heavy metal substances, and are safe, durable and stable.

Choose C-Force Biotech masks to give you the greatest protection to protect yourself and your family!

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