C-Force Biotech x Hong Kong Association for Community Organization Donation

C-Force Biotech x 香港社區組織協會愛心捐贈

We have been working closely with the Society for Community Organization to provide assistance to the homeless and low-income families in Sham Shui Po District. C-Force Biotech x 香港社區組織協會愛心捐贈

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, we did our best to sponsor and distribute materials including moon cakes to them. Due to the ongoing epidemic, the number of homeless people this year has increased significantly compared to before... We hope that a little care will make them feel warm during the festival.

C-Force Biotech x 香港社區組織協會愛心捐贈

C-Force Biotech x 香港社區組織協會愛心捐贈C-Force Biotech x 香港社區組織協會愛心捐贈

No matter how the epidemic changes, C-Force Biotech will walk with you all the way!

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